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Topics for Keynote, Lecture, Coaching, or Consulting

(Topics are not limited to the below categories or items, please call with any specific topic or item you or your organization are in need of.)

Business Consulting and Human Resources and Communication

  • Resolving Company Conflict
  • Hiring Right
  • Resolving Generational Conflict
  • Breaking Through Office Politics
  • Overcoming Negative Office Politics
  • Positive Communication Models and Methods
  • Employee and Personnel Development
  • Teambuilding and Group Dynamics
  • Building Bridges to Overcome Obstacles
  • Growing an Organization with the Right People in the Right Position
  • Bridging the Generation Gap and Blending the Generations for Positive Results
  • Providing the Tools, Knowledge and Support for Team Growth
  • Choosing the Right Personality for the Right Position
  • Facilitating Personal Growth and Helping Your People Succeed
  • Leading Today‚Äôs Diverse, Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Reducing Team Drama in Your Organization
  • Overcoming Office Communication Barriers
  • Positive, Healthy and Clean Communication Skills

Strategy and Operations

  • Growing Your Organization the Right Way
  • Focusing Your Organization
  • Right Sizing your Organization
  • Creating a Consistent Company
  • Reinventing Your Organization
  • Making the Right Changes in Company Direction
  • Sales and Marketing: Building and Keeping Your Customer Base
  • Winning Through Better Customer Service
  • Keeping the Main Thing, the Main Thing

Leadership & Culture

  • Setting Boundaries and Navigating Change
  • Resolving Company Conflict
  • Bringing People Together
  • Leadership for Today
  • Leading from Within
  • Transparency Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Success
  • Creating High-Performing Teams
  • Leadership: Leading by Example
  • Clean Communication and Leadership
  • Cultural Retuning and Realignment
  • Coaching for Success
  • Getting You and Your Organization Ready for the Next Step
  • Overcoming Barriers to Growth and Company Dynamics
  • Leadership and Communication: They Go Hand-in-Hand
  • Communication: Making Sure What You Said is What They Heard
  • Positive and Healthy Communication in Your Office
  • Getting Ready to Communicate with the Next Generations
  • Creating a Positive and Healthy Work Environment
  • Reducing the Stress Level in Your Organization
  • Reducing the Fear Inside Your Organization
  • Increasing Understanding for Stronger Teams
  • Positive Results Through People

Technology as Your Strategic Tool in Your Organization

  • Understanding and Using Social Media
  • Assessing the Needs of Your Organization
  • Technology in the Modern Dental Practice
  • Cloud Computing: Is it Right for Your Organization?
  • Understanding Technology in Your Industry
  • What Computer Technology Can Do for You and Your Organization